What the hell is MSTRVKTR?


MSTRVKTR is the attempt to create something a little different. 


MSTRVKTR started with the idea that I could make a web series that was unique. That a series, with real life chemistry and background, storylines and hot scenes, could be made and enjoyed. 



I grew up reading fan fiction. Shipping characters from my favorite TV shows together was something I loved. Their personalities and individual stories are what turned me on. 


The possibility that characters could have forbidden loves, dark pasts, bright futures & mysteries to solved made it all the more erotic to me. 


So, in an attempt to produce something a little different, I crafted a storyline and shot, produced, and edited everything on my own dime. 


Everything you see has either been shot by someone I paid or by myself. 


This is my first attempt of putting something out there.


So, here I am. Honest and bare. 


Go ahead & watch it. 


Wait, hold up, why is this free?


I come from the school of thought that if enough folks are into something, we can can band together and keep the momentum going.  


I want this to be accessible and enjoyed by folks. If money is the thing stopping you, then by all means, just watch and enjoy!


If you think its an awesome project, enjoyed watching it, and have a couple dollars to spare, please consider donating a lil bit, it would mean the world to me. 


Wait, where do I donate again? 


Click the button, kitten!