Hey Kittens & Pups, its been a minute. 


I'm so good at starting things, but not so good with the follow through, huh? 


Well, its a new year and that means a new start. 


Here are some updates! 


1) I got a job with a organization to help provide trans folks with PrEP in the bay area for free. Pretty exciting, huh? 


2) I'm taking a step back from all forms of social media besides this blog, my onlyfans, and youtube. 


3) I'm creating a monthly zine that'll features nudes, stories, and other fun stuff! 


I wanna give a big thank you for being patient with me while I figure all of this out. Four years ago I started with some selfies on Tumblr in hopes that i'd be doing something to help inspire folks and raise visibility. 

I sure am visible now, but feel a little lost in what it is that folks wanna see, hear about, or how I can deliver the best experience to my followers. 

Thanks for holding tight with me, hopefully you like what I have in store for you!