Week .001 // Chicago, Day One.





Less than 24 hours in town & i’ve already fallen in love with you!


I had an incredible client last night, which is always something that sets the mood for a city. Cuddles, kisses, and making sure someone has a good time, what more could I ask for? 


Tonite i’ll be hosting a party at Berlin, where i’ll dip my toes in the water in nightlife.


If anyone is looking to stop by, heres the link to the event <3


Who lives in Chicago? Got a favorite spot to eat? Want me to swing by your coffee shop / bar / etc to say? 


I’ll be here until Sunday! 


I can’t wait to see another client this friday, where i’ll be collaring a new puppy for the first time and going through some basic commands. It seems like theres a high demand for BDSM & kink here, which i’m always excited to provide :) 


Can’t wait to share what trouble I get into at Femme’s Room <3