Week .001 // See You Again Soon, Chicago <3


Chicago was a dream. 


I met so many incredible people. I saw so many wonderful clients! 

I couldn't have had a better time. The meal I had at Chicago Diner was epic.

Their strawberry shake was UNREAL. But the brownie sundae? Melty, chocolate-y, marshmallow-y, warm brownie meets cold, creamy ice cream goodness made me feel like I was going to cum. 

I love sweets. Can you tell? 

For those that don't know, I also have a chronic illness that makes eating for fun, and eating in generally, usually very, very painful and uncomfortable for me. I have Ulcerative Colitis and have had severe symptoms for the past four or five years.


I document everything fun I eat because most of the time i'm surviving off of very mild foods and small portions of things that are high in protein and digest easily (i.e. protein shakes and peanut butter sandwiches). I know its going to hurt and i'll pay a hefty price for it. But my life isn't about depravation. Its about celebration! I have a chronic illness and do everything I can to make sure that i'm healthy and don't hurt myself too much. But I also have a sweet tooth, and if i'm feeling bold I will go to TOWN on a sundae. Its worth it to me! Its all about balance. 95% of the time, i'm super good, and 5% of the time, I want ice cream. Well, 100% of the time I want ice cream, but my Colitis says "hell no!". 

Anyways, the food was great. 

I met some cuties along the way too! I saw a previous fling at Berlin and we chatted all night. It was cute to see him and he looked so happy! I'm that type of person where I love seeing old dates or hook ups thrive. You can't always be someones partner and thats okay. The night we spent together was great, but afterward we went in different directions. It didn't stop us from making out, which I will never complain about a sweet, tender kiss!

I had hoped to see an old client this trip. 

You know, being an escort, I really do care about my clients. The ones that I get to know, I spend weeks with, the clients who I take care of. 

My feelings are real when I say I care. 

Its transactional and I'm not new. You're giving me money and i'm posturing as your lover, boyfriend, daddy, boy, puppy, friend, whatever you want me to be. You're paying for a level of intimacy and I provide that. From one hour to a couple weeks, I still genuinely care about making someone feel good. 

I hope she knows that I want the best out of life for her. That I think she can take on the world and I think taking risks is scary, but its worth giving it a shot. 

She was an escort too, as many of my clients are. She needed care so badly. She took care of everyone. Emotionally, physically, everything in between. 

When I touched her for the first time I could tell she was over worked. Burn out as an escort is very real and I know how hard the girls work in this industry. Its physically demanding and emotionally draining at times. 

My touch is something I do know is special. It can make someone calm. It can make someone feel electric. It can make you shudder and it can burn into your memory. Its because my heart is in it. Every time. Every single time. And every time she booked me, I wanted my touch to help soothe her. Give her life. Care for her. 

And I think she grew out from needing my services. Which feels kind of amazing. 

When I first saw her, she was lost. The last time I saw her, she had a revelation. We wrote her lifes plans down, even if it was out of this world. I told her she could reach for the stars.

And that night her eyes spoke volumes. Inspired, excited, free. 

I think she found what she was looking for. It was in her all along. 

And Chicago is lucky to have her. 

I can't wait to be back and meet new friends, see incredible clients (esp the cutie I saw the first night, I will wear my fave nike tights next time, just for you) kiss dreamy boys all night long, and set some hearts on fire. 

Until next time <3

I'm off to LA for the week now, I can't wait to see what the future holds!