welcome, stranger.

Yesterday I got back onto my handles and such. 


I've got a lot of new projects coming up, and a couple contracts require me to be active on them. 


Its been a strange / wonderful couple weeks to get to know myself a little better. I've learned a couple really important pieces that bring meaning into my life. The most important part is that I don't give up. And I won't lie, I'm tired. I'm so, so, so tired of fighting. I'm tired of hitting the wall, over and over, hoping that something sticks. But if I give up, who will take my place? If I give up, what else do I live for? 

I have nothing left to lose. 

Theres a platform and i'm going to use it. There are voices that aren't being heard and i'm going to try my hardest to elevate those who don't have my same level of access. The fight for equal rights and protections for trans folks is far from being over. I can't rest until its fair. I can't give up until I know that we won't be broken, beaten, or damned just for existing. My heart will not rest until there is protections for us. Until there is a clear future with us in it. 

So, I will keep going. Pushing. Sharing. Loving without fear. Showing that my existence isn't just a statistic, that i'll make it past 30, and that a kid who came from a small mountain town in oregon can be a man who helps warm the world with a raging fire in my heart. 

I also learned that I actually love having a day job, along with escorting. It works well for me. I also love working in sexual health, and providing trans folks with cash in hand for their time, and free medication. Its a win-win all around. 

(if you want to see / learn about what I do, lurk


So heres to the future, kittens & pups. I'm gunna give 'em hell.