up & r u NN i n g

Hello Hello! 

After a month of adjusting, centering myself, and getting rest, I finally have finished my the first volume of o n l y !!!

The idea is that i'll be producing a zine with stories & photos once a month, with the subject changing each volume. It will be a way for me to share my personal stories in a more direct way with you. 

You can grab a digital copy here




Pick up a hard copy of the zine here! 


Pretty exciting, huh? I hope you like it. Being off of social media has been interesting. I've felt a little lost. But I've kept myself busy with travel, seeing clients, and some personal healing. I've been doing work here in SF in a more structured way (read; got a day job), but its doing some really wonderful work to get trans folks access to PrEP. I'll tell you more about it later, I have some big things in store!